Our Story

Why 78?:
My business partner and I, believe in lucky numbers and these two digits, “seven and eight” belong to us, hence 78…

What does ’78 Alkofelic’ represent:
‘The concept of our stores… We are not just going to be an ordinary Coffee Café, we wanted to add a unique twist to the traditional coffee and expand into Coffee based Cocktails.

What does ‘Kofe in ‘Alkofelic’ stand for:
My business partner and I, use the Russian pronunciation when calling out ‘coffee’; instead of the traditional ‘Cof-fee’ we pronounce it ‘Ko-fe’. Alkofelic is derived from the root word of ‘Alcoholic’; we replaced the ‘coho’ and so came to be known “78 Alkofelic”..

Our Vision

We are not just an ordinary coffee shop, we love our coffee and we love to party! Blending our love for coffee and our love to party we’ve come up with a solid range of coffee based cocktails that are epic. We want to be the place you come to when you want the best coffee and the yummiest coffee cocktails!

Our Mission

We want to be the place you go to for excellent coffee; yummy signature coffee cocktails and delicious comfort food. We strive to provide you with service that is professional and friendly.

From bean to cupping, from serving, from shaking to stirring, to keeping customers coming back for more – we strive for excellence.

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